Rath & Strong's interactive workshops are a perfect way to learn the principles of a business approach and new skills in a non-threatening setting. The workshops generally combine lecture and experiential learning, and often include the videotaping (and analysis) of classroom "team meetings."

When what is learned is applied to actual work or life situations, the learning is both effective and long-lasting. At Rath & Strong, we approach each program as an integrated effort: combining technical methodology with elements of leadership, customer input, team skills, and critical influencing skills – the real way to make sure your investments in improvement will work, and last!

Real World One-Day Business Transformation, Agile Enterprise, Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain Simulations

Our extremely popular simulations are fun, hands-on, and fast-paced. Participants regularly rate them as their most valuable training experiences. They also can be great awareness tools for any level – from senior executives to the service professionals who deal directly with customers.

Effectiveness Built on the Adult Learning Model

The kind of training and coaching people are given makes a big difference in how much they will retain. Learning that results in increased acquisition of new skills and changed behaviors actively engages the individual in the learning process. Specifically, adults have been found to learn more effectively by doing or experiencing. To ensure effectiveness, Rath & Strong courses, workshops, and simulations are built on the adult learning model.

Training and Workshops Available Worldwide

Rath & Strong has deep experience in developing and deploying programs globally and provides materials, trainers, and consulting support in a wide variety of languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. With offices in Europe, Asia, South America, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Rath & Strong offers a full spectrum of services and offerings that address breakthrough improvement in businesses and organizations around the globe.

Our workshops are typically part of a Business Transformation, Lean Six Sigma, or Change program, and may be licensed to your company for ongoing training.

Rath & Strong offers a full suite of courses, coaching, and consulting in Business Transformation, Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma and Change Management, as well as other customized programs to achieve business process improvement, product innovation, and profitable growth. We work with you to design a training program that is right for you and your organization.

Rath & Strong is a leading global provider of Business Transformation solutions — delivering a 10 to 1 return on your investment with us on average. Find out more about how our workshops and solutions can benefit your organization.
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