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Work-Out for Six Sigma Pocket Guide
Rath & Strong
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Rath & Strong's GE Work-Out for Six Sigma Pocket Guide is a handy reference full of charts, checklists, assessment tools, and illustrations. This Guide helps you understand the basics of GE Work-Out and how to apply it to a Six Sigma initiative to increase your organization's readiness, help an initiative that's not doing well, or complement and enhance an already successful Six Sigma program. Includes:

  • An overview of the GE Work-Out approach
  • How to assess your readiness for Six Sigma... and apply GE Work-Out to make you better prepared.
  • How to figure out if your Six Sigma initiative is in trouble... and apply GE Work-Out to fix problems
  • How to make a successful Six Sigma initiative even better by using GE Work-Out
  • How to use Six Sigma tools and techniques during GE Work-Out and vice versa
  • Tips on facilitating and getting buy-in
  • Examples of GE Work-Out for Six Sigma topics and goals... and why they work
  • An explanation of the use of GE Work-Out in Lean Six Sigma
  • Easy-to-use charts, checklists, and assessment tools
  • Illustrations that explain exactly how to use the tools

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