Supply Chain Transformation


Rath & Strong's pioneering history in Supply Chain goes back decades as the code for the original MRP II was written and developed by Rath & Strong consultants.

Today Rath & Strong is a leading global provider of Supply Chain Management solutions and implementations.

"A prime objective of our involvement with Rath & Strong for Supply Chain was to make sure that the skills were transferred to us and that was achieved extraordinarily well... To have a lasting impact on the organization it is critical for people to learn the skills themselves or the organization will revert back to type."- Johnson & Johnson

Some examples of our Supply Chain training include:

Integrated Agile Lean Supply Chain (1 Week)

Integrated Agile Lean Supply Chain is about reducing waste. Agile is about speed and flexibility. Learn how to combine these two powerful focuses to totally optimize your Supply Chain and create a hybrid Supply Chain strategy. In today's global economy and with the need for Risk Management it is the integration of a Lean and Agile Supply Chain that is of paramount strategic importance.

The course takes attendees through the tools and methods of Agile and Lean and integrates them into a Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Fundamentals and Group Simulation (1 Day)

Learn the fundamentals of Supply Chain using real life situations. It is fun, totally engaging and perfect as an Awareness Session for employees to learn the essentials for an organization that is going through Transformational changes to their Supply Chain to Mergers and Acquisitons, Global Sourcing, Risk Management or other alterations.
Design Your Lean Supply Chain (1 Week)

This course provides instruction on tools and techniques associated with Lean Supply Chain Design. Participants will learn the implications of the applications of these tools and techniques through group discussions and hands on practice using a common case study. Some of the tools and techniques include: Lean Wheel & Make to Order Hierarchy, Pull vs. Push, Rhythm Time & Rthym Wheel, Kanba, Managing Demand and Planning vs. Scheduling, Event Management and Supplier Partnerships.

Supply Chain Assessment (3-5 Weeks)

Rath & Strong has helped clients create innovative and breakthrough Supply Chains by utilizing the latest in Operational Excellence and Transformation methods.

Our goals in an assessment is to jointly create an understanding of the strengths, weakness and potential risks.
  • Identify gaps of Supply Chain and prioritize areas for optimization
  • Develop a timeline for action plan
  • Size of the optimization plan in terms of bottom line impact that can be achieved and potential for top line growth
  • Timeline of when results could be achieved and resources required to achieve optimization

Supply Chain Consulting and Coaching

Our Supply Chain consultants work on projects and transfer their experience and knowledge to your delivery teams and provide them with experiences based examples in order to navigate the effort to an outstanding success.

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