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Rath & Strong's DMAIC Road Map
Rath & Strong
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Rath & Strong's Six Sigma DMAIC Road Map: 2nd Edition from the creators of the Best-Selling Six Sigma Pocket Guide! Black Belts, Green Belts, Sponsors, Champions, Stakeholders, Team Members- ALL find this laminated Road Map an invaluable resource for Six Sigma methods, tools, techniques- and Milestones for each step of the Six Sigma process. Includes:

  • Define - The project's purpose and scope are defined.
  • Measure - The goal of the measure phase is to focus the improvement effort by gathering information on the current situation.
  • Analyze - Identify root cause(s) and confirm them with data.
  • Improve - Try and implement solutions that address root causes.
  • Control - Evaluate the solutions and the plan, maintain the gains by standardizing the process and outline steps for on-going improvements including opportunities for replication.
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Rath & Strong's DMAIC Road Map,
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