The foundation of our Pecos River® Series offerings, Play To Win® is an innovative one to three day program which produces a dramatic shift in individual, team, and organizational performance. The organizational mindset called “Play To Win®" results from the creation of a corporate culture driven by shared values and a team commitment to grow, learn, and excel. Supported by this culture, individuals join together as high-performing teams and break through their fears and self-limiting beliefs to propel the organization to completely new and higher levels of productivity, innovation, and performance.

How Play to Win Works

Play To Win® begins by setting the context and the need for individual and organizational change.
  • A day of experiential activities helps participants achieve a breakthrough in individual and team performance as a result of a new culture based upon cooperation and shared values.
  • Classroom exercises impart the skills necessary to produce high-performing teams and a work environment characterized by trust, accountability, support, open communication, and empowerment.
  • Finally, participants create a developmental plan which directs their newfound skills and energy toward continuous improvement at work.


  • Participants experience heightened confidence and leave with a renewed commitment to growth and an ability to access their creativity and take appropriate risks.
  • Participants experience a completely new, more productive type of team, and a corporate culture which supports teamwork. They leave with the skills, the commitment, and the strategic action plan for building such an environment and teams at work.
  • Most importantly, participants return to work committed to “Play To Win®," open to tackling any challenge, and ready to play a critical role in their organization's efforts to achieve breakthrough levels of performance and service to underpin Transformational change.
Play to Win®
Courage in the face of doubt. Constancy of purpose in the face of ambiguity. Teamwork in the face of individual setbacks. Triumph in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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