Pecos River® Innovation


"Pecos River is about Innovation and bringing out the best in others. Play to Win! is practical and profound in unleashing human potential and enabling people at all levels to be leaders in Innovation."
- Dee Jay Mailer, Senior Vice President, Kaiser Permanente

Pecos River® is world class at helping people in companies' change how they think and act — so they can implement innovative business strategies more quickly and easily. Founded by best seller author, educator, and world-renowned innovator Larry Wilson, Pecos River® processes have helped countless individuals to raise their levels of innovation and creativity. As a result, hundreds of organizations have met the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.

Pecos River Programs Maximize Innovation and Creativity Like individuals, every company has a fundamental set of beliefs, a world view that shapes their thinking and actions. The following are Pecos River's deeply held beliefs about business in today's world:
  • The purpose of a business is to successfully solve the problems of customers.
  • The commitment and loyalty of the individual worker are critical to the success of solving the problems of customers now and in the future.
  • The role of leaders is to:
    • Grow the commitment, loyalty, skills, knowledge, creativity and innovation of the people in the organization, and
    • Free up and focus the maximum amount of people-energy on the right tasks
If leaders – from senior managers to front-line supervisors – can meet those needs, people will flourish. If leaders can create environments that are intellectually challenging and that foster economic, psychological, and physical security, individuals will become highly engaged and committed to their work. Those workers won't just “do the job"; they will put the maximum amount of their creativity and energy to work solving customer problems and being innovative.

PLAY TO WIN® A teambuilding program that increases productivity, innovation, and service levels within the organization.

CHANGE THE GAME® A program in which top-level executives acquire skills for innovation and fostering creativity for achieving strategic business and cultural objectives.

LET GO® A program to help supervisors move from control managements to Innovative Leadership.

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