Outta Control Workshop


An Interactive Workshop for Agile and Design for Lean Six Sigma

Experience using Agile and Design for Lean Six Sigma tools in this FUN, unique workshop. Participants measure and apply Voice of the Customer inputs to the Outta Control concert's promotional product sales process — complete with costumes, props, and music to set the tone.

Outta Control Activities and Outcomes

  • See how to use Quality Functional Deployment (QFD) to translate customer requirements into design requirements
  • Use simulations to create optimal design rapidly
  • Use scorecards for process capability to eliminate defects
  • Choose top design concepts with Pugh Matrices
  • Run a pilot — see the design in action to improve speed, agility and anticipate future customer needs
The Outta Control workshop is a proven way to introduce the Transformational advantages of Agile and Design for Lean Six Sigma. It takes the effort beyond real world pressures and gives people time to try out new skills, learning, and ideas. It's the perfect way to introduce your teams to Agile and get them energized!

“The mix of practical exercises with an excellent presentation gave me valuable knowledge and provided an open, honest discussion. The live, hands-on workshop was a real advantage. And it was FUN!"– Pfizer Employee

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