Rath & Strong: A Distinguished History


Rath & Strong was founded in Boston in 1935 by two MIT engineers. As a company founded at the height of the Great Depression the focus has always been on Operational Excellence, Knowledge Transfer, Pioneering Innovations and getting measurable results for our clients.

Rath & Strong has invented many of the tools of Operational Excellence. For instance, we pioneered LEAN techniques for helping bring this powerful concept to the West from Japan in the 1960's. Our consultants introduced work cells modeled after the Toyota Production System which they had seen when Rath & Strong helped with the Reconstruction of Japan after WWII.

At Motorola in the 1970's, our esteemed colleague Dorian Shanin and other Rath & Strong consultants worked with Motorola to develop some of the original principals of Agile IT to boost IT productivity and speed to market.

In the 1990's at places like General Electric and Johnson & Johnson, Rath & Strong consultants led pioneering projects on Lean and Process Redesign with Quality – what today is commonly referred to as Lean Six Sigma.

More recently, Rath & Strong has been taking the principals of Agile IT and combining them with Lean to create Agile Enterprise which has dramatically improved bottom line results throughout entire organizations.

Our service portfolio has expanded to include an integrated, comprehensive suite of Business Transformation, Agile Enterprise, Leadership and Change Management. We offer a full solution of Management Consulting, Training, and Coaching and have authored Wall Street Journal bestselling business books.

Our clients include many world class organizations such as: Pfizer, Verizon, Kuwait Petroleum, Walgreens, Azko Nobel, DHL, University of California, etc. Rath & Strong has helped to transform some of the largest and most prestigious organizations in the world and had an impact of tens to hundreds of billions of dollars.

Our clients say it best: "Rath & Strong creates sustainable results that last over the long term" and that is why we are in the eighth decade of our exciting history.

Dan Quinn
President & CEO