Operational Excellence Expert On-Demand


Let's face it; the "gig economy" has changed the way business needs to operate and source talent. Rath & Strong can provide you with a better Value Proposition.

"Rath & Strong sent in 2 expert consultants, when other leading consulting firms tried to field a whole team and over scoped the project… we got more value at a fraction of the cost."

Operational Excellence talent can be acquired in new ways which are more effective and specifically tailored to meet your exact needs no matter where, when or what capacity you need.

Let Rath & Strong help you harness the power of the gig economy in a flexible, Agile, efficient and cost effective way. Use our Expert On-Demand services to strategically improve your Value Proposition using Rath & Strong certified consultants. Save time and money on assignments rather than just post a full-time job spec with Human Resources.

Don't end up with too many full-time employees, Rath & Strong can provide an Agile approach for your expert consultant needs. Control your budget much better. You pay only for the expert you need when you need them and not all the extra services the big consulting firms bundle which escalate your bills unnecessarily.

Rath & Strong works with some of the world's leading companies helping them staff their specific Operational Excellence needs. We will work with you to tailor your needs whether it is for 1 Expert On-Demand to a couple of dozen, half-time or full-time, for 2 weeks to 2 years. Rath & Strong can help you meet your talent requirements on a global basis with all your Operational Excellence needs.

To learn more about Operational Excellence Expert On-Demand, please complete our inquiry form or call us at 781-861-1700.