Among its achievements Rath & Strong pioneered the study of Japanese production methods and recognized in JIT — the forerunner of Lean — a true Transformational approach. The JIT Breakthrough (Willey), written by Rath & Strong, was a milestone in bringing Japanese-style business improvement techniques to Western companies. Rath & Strong is today a leader in the development of Lean principles and implementation.

"Rath & Strong applied Lean throughout our global operations in all areas of the business. It had a huge impact on our global productivity."– Aviva

LEAN: Achieve Rapid Transformational Performance Improvement by Eliminating Waste, Improving Product Flow, Decreasing Lead Time, and Increasing Velocity in a Customer-Pulled Process

The following programs may be customized for your organization within your Lean Six Sigma process improvement effort. Certifications are available as well.

Lean Master (4 Weeks)

Develops Lean experts through a curriculum rich in Lean technical skills, leadership and influencing skills, and project management tools. Provides the depth needed to be successful leaders as the full-time Lean implementation experts of Kaizen events with their immediate financial payback.

Advanced Lean (1 Week)

The Advanced Lean program gives participants an even more comprehensive understanding of the Lean methodology and are well suited to situations where waste and lead time reduction are a company's key priority. Participants can undertake complex programs requiring project selection, management and team leadership skills.

Lean Concepts (1 Day)

This 1 Day workshop gives an overview of Lean and making Lean accessible to help achieve short-term gains. The participants will learn to differentiate Lean Management from tools, reduce waste, increase speed and flow, consider application Lean methods for the organization and to formulate a plan to embed Lean into management practices.

Lean Leader (1 Week)

This course prepares participants to apply Lean to their own work processes developing systematic methods for applying Lean principles in Continuous Improvement projects. Lean Leaders can become part-time leaders of carefully scoped improvements.

Fast Start to Lean (1 Week)

This is a foundation-building program that offers a fast and effective way of achieving a stable, safe and efficient operation. Designed specifically for an industrial environment that is new to the Lean approach, Fast Start to Lean involves a hands-on approach to learning and applying Lean techniques. Using tools such as Standard Work, Total Productive Maintenance and Visual Workplace, we will help your employees to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of the working environment in less than two months.

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