Lean Six Sigma


"In terms of our cost structure, we will continue to drive productivity improvements and operating efficiencies throughout the entire business utilizing our Verizon Lean Six Sigma principles."

"At the end of the day, it's all about execution. In 2015 we saved over $5 Billion in cost and drove top-line growth using Verizon Lean Six Sigma."

– Fran Shammo, CFO Verizon

In its Full Suite of Lean Six Sigma Offerings Rath & Strong incorporates a deep and long history of Lean Six Sigma implementations with its newest approaches and tools. Clients quickly discover that Lean Six Sigma delivers faster results as it establishes baseline performance levels and focuses powerful statistical tools where they will have the most impact.

Lean Six Sigma to Transform, Eliminate Waste, Decrease Lead Times, Increase Speed, Reduce Variation and Lower Costs

The following programs may be customized for your organization. Materials Licensing and Certifications are available as well.

Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview (1-2 Days)

Lean Six Sigma efforts require committed believers at the senior executive level. The Leadership Awareness course answers: What is Lean Six Sigma? What have others done? What are our compelling reasons for taking on this effort? And are we ready? A successful effort correlates to building an informed coalition of leaders who jointly are ready and motivated to lead business process improvement.

Lean Six Sigma Awareness (1 Day)

Introduces the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and data collection methodologies to associates and individual process owners and operators, who can then act as team members on projects. (1-2 days)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (4 Weeks)

In-depth program in methodology, toolkit, project selection and management, team and leadership skills for the business leaders selected as the full-time Lean Six Sigma implementation experts.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (1 or 2 Weeks)

DMAIC problem-solving methodology, Six Sigma statistical tools, Lean operations, and team and influencing skills that enable effective participation as a team member or Champion. (Rath & Strong also offers a 1 Week Transactional Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for service businesses).

Lean Six Sigma Bridge (2 Weeks)

For Lean Six Sigma Green Belts who want to progress to becoming Black Belts. This course transitions from one to the other, providing the necessary extra skills and understanding of the differences of the roles.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (1 Week)

Prepares these company-wide experts to coach and mentor Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, Green Belts, and Champions, to teach the Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools, and to contribute to and lead strategic initiatives for critical improvement.

Lean Six Sigma Train-the-Trainer (1 Week)

Our workshop prepares candidates with a knack for teaching as Green and Black Belt instructors. Self-assessment, training skills, practice presentations, platform skills, and feedback are included in this program.

Design for Lean Six Sigma (1 or 2 Weeks)

This is an advanced technique that it extremely powerful when applied to the areas it is best suited for such as new product development and development of new manufacturing technologies. This course allows better insight into customer needs to ensure that a new process design activity takes an understanding of the way the customer uses a product to bring considerable benefit.

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