Rath & Strong's Lean Profit HuntSM


"Lean Profit Hunt changed our focus for projects to Enterprise-wide Strategy."– Kodak

Accelerated Transformation

In today's marketplace, time is of the essence in cost control. Rath & Strong's Lean Profit HuntSM is a strategic Business Transformation initiative designed to meet senior management objectives for faster improvements in cost, quality, and speed, thereby creating increased profitability. Lean Profit Hunt addresses the high-impact opportunities for accelerated cost reduction and profit improvement, encompassing the End-to-End Value Stream. It is targeted to your company needs and is practical, not theoretical. It delivers results now, not later. Lean Profit Hunt can be deployed with dramatic results either across the entire organization or within specific functions. It can be applied in a single-site situation as well as enterprise-wide. Lean Profit HuntSM combines a sophisticated business assessment and world class Business Transformation consultancy to help companies significantly accelerate their cost reduction programs at realistic prices.

Our Approach: Fast and Effective

Lean Profit HuntSM is a systematic and integrated approach that Rath & Strong has developed with the goal of achieving the highest results in the shortest timeframe. A short assessment phase results in a framework of opportunities which then leads to the development of an implementation plan.

Lean Profit HuntSM - Assessment Phase

The initial or assessment phase of the Lean Profit HuntSM is a fast track approach which:
  • Determines Your Business Objectives and Performance Against these Objectives.
  • Identifies Areas of Opportunity Across Your Organization Through End-To-End Value Stream Mapping and Analytical Diagnostics.
  • Prioritizes Opportunities for Rapid Improvement Based on Gap Analysis.
  • Quantifies The Economic Value of These Cost–Reduction Opportunities and Delineates Future State Metrics.

Lean Profit HuntSM - Implementation

Taking the key opportunities identified in the Lean Profit HuntSM Assessment, Rath & Strong creates an implementation plan where specific actions are matched to anticipated outcomes. By focusing on a few key areas of opportunity the implementation plan creates a sense of urgency in achieving results. Rath & Strong provides the consulting, coaching, mentoring and training for implementation. We can either do it with you or do it for you. Whichever path you choose, we help you rapidly reduce costs, deliver increased customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

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