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LEAN CULTURE Beyond the Tools DVD
Rath & Strong
The tools and methods that most people learn in their Lean training are only a part of the Toyota Production System (TPS), and many would say a minor part. Toyota considers them only "countermeasures" to the problems they have encountered and not universal solutions. This DVD helps you to better understand TPS so that you can begin to realize the long-term benefits that are possible, and the need to move beyond these specific tools and methods to get to the more fundamental aspects of the system.

This video is divided into 5 segments.

  • Introduction - this makes the case that Lean is more than just the tools and introduces the next four segments.
  • A Broader View - provides a framework, based on a Toyota model, for understanding to typical tools and methods in relation to other aspects of the system, especially standardization and problem solving.
  • Standardization - Toyota says that there can be no improvement without standardization. This segment discusses the functions of standardization and why it is essential to improvement.
  • Problem solving - Toyota considers problem solving to be at the heart of their system; this segment discusses problem solving as both restoring performance to standard and improving performance beyond the current standard.
  • Role of the Leader - managers and supervisors are most often bystanders in lean initiatives. However, they have a crucial role in developing and coaching employees and they, rather than staff experts, need to be the central focus of the implementation effort.
What you'll get out of this video:

  • An appreciation that there is more to Lean that just the tools that are taught in Lean training.
  • An understanding of two key aspects (standardization and problem solving) that you should begin building into your culture as you implement the more traditional.
  • Some reasons why your managers and supervisors should take a central role in your Lean initiative.
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