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Lean Booster

Rath & Strong's innovative Lean Booster SM concept leverages a firm's ongoing investments in improvement and in training its people. In Lean Booster, Rath & Strong created new methodologies and tools in courses structured so everyone can work within the same problem-solving framework fast. The program is designed so that, in one week, organizations with existing Six Sigma programs and experienced Black Belts can get the huge benefits of Lean Six Sigma — without starting over again from scratch.

Rath & Strong's Lean Booster
Supercharge Six Sigma with Lean in just one week with Rath & Strong's exclusive Lean BoosterSM. Eliminating waste, decreasing lead time, and increasing velocity is what it's all about. Lean looks at the entire Value Stream in terms of time and flow and uses eliminating waste as a basic principle to decrease time. Bring Lean Booster to your organization to boost Lean Six Sigma capability – fast!

Built on Innovation

Lean Booster is based on nearly 70 years of history in helping our clients, such as Johnson & Johnson, Quest Diagnostics, JP Morgan Chase, and Siemens, achieve lasting performance improvements.

Let Rath & Strong Turbocharge Your Efforts

Our suite of services and products includes Lean Booster, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt training, Lean Master, the new Lean Six Sigma version of our famous Courier Simulation, as well as other programs that help companies achieve lasting success such as Team and Influencing Skills, Leadership Awareness, Change Management, Train-the-Trainer, and coaching.

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"The Rath & Strong Six Lean Booster course is the best course I've seen that provides Lean instruction in a Six Sigma DMAIC format and is designed for service organizations. The course is tightly aligned with DMAIC and provides practical illustrations and opportunities to apply the Lean content in realistic service case studies. The course excels at showing Six Sigma professionals when and how to apply Lean in the context of DMAIC. It also has running case studies and application exercises that help students clearly understand how Lean can be applied throughout a DMAIC project as well as providing them practice in that application in a service context. This is a very “hands on" class. Students will be asked to develop a current state and future state Value Stream Map and a cell.

Finally (and very importantly), the course equips students to go out and make an impact. One example: Using what was learned in the course, one of our Black Belts lead a project at Quest Diagnostics that has been able to dramatically reduce the time to report test results on a critical maternal screening test. It started at 10 days; now we're measuring it in hours. Patients (and doctors) anxiously awaiting these results are very pleased."

Eric Mattenson
Vice President, Six Sigma
Quest Diagnostics, Inc

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