Leadership Development Training


Building Energized Organizations

In this Rath & Strong management development program, leaders build the skills necessary to improve personal performance. Our experience has shown that understanding three factors and promoting their effective interaction generates increased performance and employee commitment within work units and organization-wide. Therefore, our approach pays particular attention to:
  • Personal Characteristics – The characteristics of an individual that are linked to outstanding job performance are called competencies. Our management development effort helps participants build the skills necessary to improve personal performance.
  • Managerial Style – The way in which a person manages others, or is managed by others, profoundly affects individual and group output. This program identifies the range of styles and how and when they should be used to enhance employee productivity.
  • Organizational Climate – The atmosphere in which employees work can be conducive – or obstructive – to their best output. Participants identify the climate dimensions and how managers can positively affect them to stimulate high productivity.

Building Energized Organizations is designed so that participants develop and refine their ability to encourage excellence, set goals for performance improvement, and develop plans to achieve those goals.

The Common Vision Workshop

At the foundation of effective leadership is the ability to create a clear and shared vision of the future, a common vision that reflects core values such as a commitment to delivering value to customers.

A common vision is not a mission statement, a philosophy, or a business strategy. It is a picture of the kind of future the organization wants to create. To help organizations create and communicate this type of vision, Rath & Strong developed the Common Vision Workshop.

Typically, the Common Vision Workshop takes place over three full days. A few weeks prior to the workshop, a Rath & Strong consultant interviews each participant to gather information needed to customize the workshop for the client, ensuring that the approach used fits the language, metaphors, and culture of the client organization. At this time, participants are also given an assignment to complete before the workshop, and are asked to bring a summary of current goals and objectives of the departments they manage.

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