Leadership Development: ERA Management


"I firmly believe that at least 50% of the success of our Business Transformation – and I don't mean just getting savings for a few years but truly embedding Transformational thinking into the hearts and mindsets of the organization – is due to how you lead change and communicate."
– John C. Plant, Former CEO, TRW Automotive

The Rules of the Game Are Changing All Around Us. Time Is Never on a Leaders Side.

Leadership Development: ERA Management

Taking on Business Transformation in today's global and rapidly changing marketplace is a challenging task. To deliver value to customers and shareholders in this increasingly competitive environment, leaders must focus on shorter ERAs of timeframes of between 18 to 36 months rather than the more traditional five to seven years. To provide leaders with a personal roadmap for spearheading Transformation in such a timeframe, Rath & Strong has developed ERA ManagementSM—a powerful tool for leaders whose organizations are undergoing rapid growth, reorganization, acquisitions, joint ventures or entry into new markets.

Who Can Benefit From ERA Management

Rath & Strong's ERA Management consulting service is specifically designed to assist leaders in any of the following situations:

  • When new leadership has recently been put in place and there must be a Transformation from one style of operating to another
  • When a new leader is challenged to make breakthrough improvement or radical change
  • When needed change has begun but is not moving fast enough.

Principles of ERA Management

ERA Management is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Each leader is unique, with different strengths and abilities. (The goal of ERA Management is not to change the leader's style, but to define and capitalize on strengths.)
  • In each Era there are overarching high priority issues—A-items. (One of the first tasks in an ERA Management project is defining these A-items, outcomes, and plans to move the Enterprise forward.)
  • The style of the leader is the most important factor in determining how the plan should be put into effect.
  • There is a set of vital tools for the leader to employ throughout the Era. One of the most critical tools of ERA Management is the ability of the leader to ask the right questions in the right way.
  • Every ERA has a central theme that is embodied in the values of the leader and the top management team.

Overview of the ERA Management Process

In implementing ERA Management, Rath & Strong works with you to:

  • Establish the time horizon of the Era and its dominant themes.
  • Create an ERA Management Plan that defines the Era's priorities (A-items), the objectives for each priority, required activities and events, and measures to track progress.
  • Analyze your leadership style, defining strengths and shortcomings.
  • Help create the conditions for success based on your leadership style.
  • Begin to implement the plan, reviewing, testing, and fine-tuning it on a regular basis.
  • Continue to assess, develop, and modify the plan throughout the Era.

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