Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events


Rath & Strong's Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events deliver a speedy way of achieving traction on Transformational Improvement Activities.

The Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events energizes people's involvement in Business Transformation. Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events are a key element in realizing Transformation and Operational Excellence. Rath & Strong's Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events programs starts with the organization's needs and brings the key people through a streamlined process, removing waste and delivering quick results.

And it is FAST….. And it delivers The 3 stages of the Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events:

Before the Event
  • Select the topic
  • Define the goal
  • Organize the event
  • Collect data
  • Brief key players
Kaizen Event
  • Introduce Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Event
  • Generate ideas
  • Prioritize ideas
  • Develop recommendations
  • Decision Making Panel Presentation
After the Event
  • Validate payoff
  • Implement action plans
  • Track results
  • Review progress
  • Sustain results

Why Do Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events Work?

  • They involve all the stakeholders
  • Management retains the setting of the problem to be tackled and approve the solution
  • Staff work on the problem and form the solution

How Do Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events Work?

  • Gets everyone's input
  • Finds the root causes of the problem
  • Uses a simple presentation/solution format
  • Proposes a workable action plan for approval
  • Decision made at the event, no lag
  • Reinforces the Culture Shift

The Rath & Strong's Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Events outcome shows everyone can make a difference, improvements can be quick and Transformational, people who work in the process make the improvements.

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