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Experience the excitement that Fortune 100 companies are raving about!

"The simulation was not only fun, and teaches you Business Transformation at the same time."– Verizon Employee

"Doing is such a great way of learning, and (the day) was a convincing demonstration of how vital processes are to meeting internal goals as well as customer satisfaction."– Pfizer Employee

The Courier Simulation is a one-day group experiential learning exercise that comes as close as you can get to a real life Business Transformation, Lean, Lean Six Sigma or Agile Enterprise experience. It's fun, hands-on, fast-paced, and is consistently rated by participants as one of their most valuable training experiences. Developed first for General Electric, the simulation has been enthusiastically received by the world's largest corporations.

A Shared Experience Essential to Successful Change Efforts.

The Courier Simulation is designed to achieve breakthrough thinking with everyone who is critical to Process Transformation - from senior executives to salespeople to support staff to the service professionals who deal directly with customers.

Accelerates Learning

When working with teams, the first challenge is to get people to believe they can achieve breakthrough improvements, such as reducing a 30 day loan cycle to 2 days. Teams who experience this workshop prove they can do it themselves.

Three 10 to 20 minute rounds represent three production days at the Move It! company. Before each round structured problem-solving techniques are introduced. Between the rounds, participants apply techniques and come up with solutions to implement. As in real life, some solutions work and some don't. The importance of thorough analysis proves itself again and again. And improves customer experience!

By the end of Round Three, teams have amazing improvements in cycle time and usually zero defects. Everyone is excited by the major leaps forward teams have made.

The Outcomes

By the end of day, you will:
  • understand the language of Process Transformation
  • have a working knowledge of the tools of Process Excellence
  • see how to remove non-value—added activities
  • experience how to overcome the barriers between manager and employees
  • discover how imprecise, ambiguous information can stall process improvement
  • learn how to analyze data and identify areas of improvement
  • realize the dramatic improvements that come with paying attention to customers and measuring and analyzing core processes
  • improve speed, motivation and agility

Also Available for Licensing

The Courier Simulation is typically part of a Business Transformation, Lean Six Sigma or Agile Enterprise program and may be licensed to your company for ongoing training.

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