Workstream Leaders are on the front line in implementing Transformation, and the success of your initiatives depends on their discipline, energy, and leadership, as much as on their mastery of new skills and modes of thinking.

One-on-one coaching of these high-potential leaders accelerates their ability to complete successful Workstream Transformation in the short term, but very importantly, it increases their potential to lead organizational change in the long term. In fact, personalized coaching often has the most significant impact on the effectiveness of Workstream Leaders and their value to the organization.

Rath & Strong works with you to customize a coaching program that is right for your organization. With coaching directed where it counts the most, we can help your initiative get started, help you go enterprise-wide, re-energize an existing program, or help get a stalled effort restarted.

Coaching for Workstream Leaders

To ensure a higher ratio of workstream completion and success, in addition to group technical training and one-week of Team & Influence Skills group training, we recommend a minimum of four hours of coaching to each Workstream Leader between sessions.

Coaching can be addressed to a number of areas, dependent on individual need: systems thinking, statistics, people skills, leading change, influence skills, and project selection.

Coaching can also be used going forward as needed to target specific organizational or personal goals.

Senior Management Development Plan

If Workstream Leaders are selected with the thought that they will eventually be the leaders of the organization, we believe it makes sense to also develop them as high-potential managers. Organizations may wish to develop a coaching model to give performance feedback to Workstream Leaders from a wide variety of sources: team members, peers, Workstream Owners, Business Unit Leaders and so on. Done in conjunction with a competency model, Workstream Leaders can then be informed of how they stack up on all the requirements for their position. Gaps can be identified, and they can create a personal development plan.

How to Make Coaching Pay Dividends

Person-to-person onsite sessions between the Transformation Workstream Leader and our coach tend to get the fastest and most effective result. However, given the realities of today's global business, we have developed remote coaching methods. Coaches are also available via email and telephone, of course.

The number of sessions that will be appropriate depend on individual need, the type of workstream, availability of in-house support, and the stage of an initiative.

We are dedicated to transferring the knowledge, skills, and technology we build with our clients to them, so that they can independently carry forward the benefits of working with us.

"There are some fundamental rules that the leader needs to lay down. …All Transformation Workstream Leaders will be highly promotable people for whom this will be a career accelerator."
Dave Cote,
President and CEO,
Rath & Strong's Leadership Handbook

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