Business Process Management Consulting


Business Process Management Consulting

Business Process Management tools are critical to Lean and Lean Six Sigma success. In fact, they are of critical importance to any process improvement or redesign effort.

A company's level of maturity in the area of process management strongly correlates to its effectiveness in the marketplace. Aligning the organization around the core processes that fulfill customer needs and drive business results, while using Lean to attack variation and waste, is a powerful combination. And, in other cases, good process management skills can help turn a company whose operations suffer from episodic, wrenching disruptive changes to one that moves in a planned, orderly manner.

Why Process Management?

Process Management is a framework for managing one or several processes, with end-to-end responsibilities and accountabilities assigned to process owners whose role is to drive process performance and ensure that the process meets customer and business needs.

Rath & Strong's Business Process Management programs address these important questions and issues:
  • What is a business process? What are the core and enabling processes in the business? Why is it important to differentiate and define these?
  • What degrees of transformation can be chosen and what are the implications? For example:
    • How does a company need to transform itself if it wants to become truly customer-focused?
    • What changes are needed in business processes, culture, leadership actions, systems, and customer relationships?
    • How do these link to each other in concept and how can we link them in practice?
  • How do we create a compelling, specific vision of future processes that follows business strategy, global standardization, and centralization options, and that has mature and reliable processes that follow basic process management principles?
  • How do our current jobs and roles need to change?
  • Should our rewards and recognition program, metrics, performance appraisal, and promotion policies be revised?
  • How can Process Management relate to an information systems implementation?

Process Management tools and techniques can be applied early in a program or later, once participants have gained a level of experience through their improvement projects.

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Rath & Strong's Approach to Customer Loyalty

The best way to drive change is to let customers do it. We believe that the customer is the most powerful engine of change, supplying a deep, rich source of energy.


Customer Loyalty Assessment measures customer loyalty and develops a targeted strategy, based on the findings, to directly improve profits and retain customers.

Extraordinary Service Guarantees are powerful tools for building market share, strengthening customer loyalty, and improving the overall quality of service. This approach was developed in conjunction with renowned expert and Harvard Business Review author Christopher Hart.

Process Management

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