Agile Enterprise


Agile was originally created for IT software development departments utilizing elements of Lean and Operational Excellence along with new techniques to speed up software design and make it faster, better and even had a positive impact on the morale of the software developers and users.

Most recently, Rath & Strong has applied Agile techniques Enterprise-wide and getting Transformational results in areas as diverse as Finance, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing and even Legal Departments.

Today's market leaders must become rapid adapters capable of fast quick change and need an entire Agile Enterprise which can thrive and enthusiastically develop and adopt new ways of innovating and serving customers and new markets.

Agile Enterprise Brings the Transformational Power of Agile IT Across the Whole Organization for Enterprise-wide Transformations.

Agile Enterprise Executive Overview (1-2 Days)

The Leadership Session answers: What is Agile Enterprise?, How does it move beyond Agile development?, What type of results does it produce?, How do we assess what the impact would be on our business: metrics, requirements, timeframe and communications? Agile covers teams, leadership roles and responsibilities, creating an Agile Enterprise Vision and how it aligns with enterprise-wide strategic priorities.

Agile Enterprise Awareness (1 Day)

Introduces the fundamentals of Agile and Agile Enterpise to Associates and Stakholders tohelo them understand and become engaged in the change process.

Agile Enterprise Assessment (2-4 Weeks)

Understanding current products and processes that are currently in place and creating estimates of the value that can be realized through adopting the Agile Enterprise approach in financual, organizational and new products, markets and potential services.

Agile Enterprise Coaching

Our Agile Enterprise coaches transfer their experience and knowledge to your delivery teams and provide them with experienced based examples of how to navigate them to stunning success

Creating an Agile Enterprise Vision (3 Days)

This session makes good use of tools of Agile Enterprise Strategies, assessments, visual tools and activities. This not only creates for a more interactive and lively session, it will teach key Agile principles such as World Café Collaboration, Murder Board that the attendees can learn to understand and use. Learning how to transform current business pratices into an Agile Enterprise model.

Certified Scrum Master (2 Days)

Participants through highly interactive sessions learn and gain understanding of the Scrum Role and ways to overcome barriers or impediments to implement Scrum.

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training (2 Days)

Rath & Strong Scrum Experts teach attendees through engaging sessions how to bring the Voice of the Customer into their effort. Participants will learn how to properly communicate across teams the business needs and requirements and understand how to develop and implement metrics which are aligned with the strategic goals and objectives.

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