Posted By: Cheryl Rodgers

Too often when leadership sees a failure to change behaviors the assumption is that the team member is unwilling to change – is resisting the change.This is a fundamental error.Resistance may be driven by not knowing how to perform in the transformed organization.

In adopting the realities of the transformed organization, allow employees to "pilot" their new role.Leadership, at levels close to the team members, should discuss in concrete terms what the new behaviors should be, how the rewards systems encourage that behavior, and what a team member should do when they are confused or unsure of the correct behaviors.Allowing for role plays and practice sessions to model the new behaviors is very helpful.

Proactive change management is the thread that must run from the beginning through the end of the transformation effort in order to be successful.While telling employees about the transformation is key, it is only one part of a successful transformation communication and change effort.Listen at least as much as you talk, and even more importantly, live the behaviors that you describe the future state as having.